Inconvenient Christianity

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Sermon Text: Matthew 26:36-56
The Christian’s call to follow Jesus is a 3D call to:
  1. ______ the temptation to make life about ___________.
  2. Take up the task of _________ to __________.
  3. Embrace the fact of an _____________ ____________.
Jesus was always going on the least convenient routes… think the woman at the well… I have to pass through Samaria – John 4:4
Jesus was alway taking longer than what was convenient… see Mary, Martha, and Lazarus – John 11
Jesus would inconveniently allow storms to show up and sleep through most of it – Matthew 8:23
Jesus allowed John the Baptist to stay in prison and be beheaded – Matthew 11:3
The inconveniences of earth are really _____________ from heaven.
Check and see if God is just a convenience in your life:
  • I rarely go out of my way for Him and His greatest desires.
  • What breaks His heart hardly moves mine.
  • The things He calls me to are more like suggestions.
  • My comfort is more important than His call.
  • He has to ask over and over for the same things from me.
Inconvenient Christianity means I put in it’s place anything that _____________________ with God’s mission of redemption.
Inconvenient Christianity happens when we live in awe of the _________________ __________________ of Jesus Christ.
Inconvenient Christianity must be our reality because God’s plans are designed to be fulfilled in the believer’s willingness to live them.